The Un-normal English

Un-normal, not straight, super soft, heat instead of hot, super shake

We just finished our Psychology class where we had recitations of some sort. I was not called, anyway, which is a huge relief to me as I was absent for two meetings beforehand, and as such, I don’t know how to explain some concepts on the outline which I have copied from my friend, just this morning.

Anyway, the class was a huge LOL, definitely on the answers of those called to recite, the way they presented their ideas. Whereas, the first student did well, delivering her answer with clarity and full knowledge of the question asked, the other students were at loss for some words and in the process created words such as the ones listed above. This definitely elicited a huge laughter from the class, I, joining of course.

Musing over the “scenario” after class though, I came to think of the big irony of that “confusion”. We are already second year college students, definitely, but those words imply something that is negative to what we are. Of course, there is stress, stage fright, but, as far as vocabulary is concerned, I think those are just simple words, everyday words as you may say. Abnormal, instead of un-normal, very soft instead of super soft, well, don’t you think that they are just petty words?

I am not an English professor; I am not a person highly equipped with the rubrics and whatever-you-call-them in English. In fact, I am just an average English speaker. I voice out my thought not to degrade them, but to give a little insight in this experience.





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